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Do you need a gardener trained in horticultural practices? Such practices ensure the most satisfactory results. General gardening services include hedge planting, digging, garden maintenance, sharpening garden tools, etc. Here you can find gardeners with extra expertise in local gardening ideas.

ServiceTasker™️ is the platform to check and find a suitable gardener for your needs among the gardeners working in your area. We list them here after a thorough check of their background and all credentials related to this work, so you can hire the best experts for your job. You can also check their expertise, reliability and customer satisfaction rates on their profiles.

Not only that, but you can expect them to come prepared with the best equipment in the industry, state-of-the-art garden maintenance equipment and site planning materials. If you want only experts to design your garden, keeping in mind your inputs and needs, find your gardener from this platform. For your information, you do not have to pay any fee to ServiceTasker™️ for this favour. The entire transaction is between you and the gardener. You can get three FREE quotes for your job. So comparing gardening service costs and conducting other checks to hire the best gardener in your area has been made all easy. 

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Gardening Services Prioritise

Gardening Services- What Comes In It

Planning a safe and clean garden is what gardeners prioritise. You can use the ServiceTasker™️ platform to book certified and thoroughly verified gardening experts. This platform gives very transparent access to all users of details important to hiring verified gardeners.

Gardening services in Australia typically encompass a range of tasks aimed at maintaining and improving the health and aesthetics of a garden. The specific services offered may vary depending on the provider and the needs of the client, but common gardening services include:

  • Lawn Maintenance:
    - Mowing the lawn.
    - Edging to create clean borders.
    - Lawn fertilization.

  • Weeding:
    - Removal of weeds from flower beds, lawns, and other garden areas.

  • Pruning and Trimming:
    - Trimming and shaping hedges.
    - Pruning trees and shrubs for health and aesthetics.
    - Deadheading flowers.

  • Planting:
    - Planting new flowers, shrubs, or trees.
    - Seasonal planting for variety and colour.

  • Mulching:
    - Applying mulch to protect soil, conserve moisture, and suppress weeds.

  • Garden Clean-Up:
    - Removing leaves, debris, and other garden waste.
    - General tidying of the garden space.

  • Pest and Disease Control:
    - Identifying and treating plant pests and diseases.
    - Applying pesticides or organic solutions as needed.

  • Irrigation Maintenance:

      - Checking and maintaining irrigation systems.
      - Adjusting watering schedules based on seasonal needs.

  • Soil Aeration and Conditioning:
    - Aerating the soil to improve oxygen and nutrient flow.
    - Adding compost or other soil conditioners.

  • Consultation and Design:
    - Providing advice on plant selection and garden design.
    - Creating and implementing landscape plans.

When hiring gardening services, it's important to communicate your specific needs and preferences with the service provider. Some services may be offered on a one-time basis, while others may be part of a regular garden maintenance schedule. Additionally, many gardening services in Australia adhere to local environmental regulations and may offer eco-friendly or sustainable gardening practices.

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Hiring A Perfect Gardener In Your Area

How To Hire A Perfect Gardener In Your Area?

With a vast pool of available gardeners, people often face problems in hiring a reliable gardener. Whether you need help with basic garden maintenance or complex landscaping and paving projects, you can find a suitable gardener for your work on this platform. Let us know who can be a perfect gardener in your area! When you decide to find the best gardener near you, you may need to check many things before making a decision.

  • Before hiring a gardening business, you must check reviews and ratings, ensuring you choose reputable and reliable gardeners. Their performance is acknowledged through positive reviews and good ratings on our platform.

  • Your gardeners must know local conditions and plants and flowers that can easily grow in your area.

  • From something as simple as lawn mowing to garden consultation, your gardening service provider should know everything.

  • Look for online reviews of local gardeners. We show Google Reviews on our platform to provide insights into the experiences of clients with the listed gardeners.

  • Check if the gardener has proper insurance and any required licenses. This ensures that they are operating legally and responsibly.

  • Once you've chosen a gardener, make sure to have a written contract outlining the scope of work, schedule, payment terms, and any other relevant details.

A Close Look at Gardening Regulations in Australia

A gardener doesn't necessarily need a licence to provide gardening services on a large scale for residential and commercial places. However, because of the higher demand for gardening services these days, it is better for a gardener to obtain vocational qualifications. Because these qualifications help them in developing knowledge and useful skills. One such vocational qualification a gardener can obtain is Certificate III in Horticulture (AHC30716).

Moreover, a gardening services provider should also check with local authority guidelines and regulations. Abiding by them lets a gardener know the differentiation between legal and illegal work. However, as a gardener, if you want to obtain Gardening AQF III, then you must show proof of 3 years of working experience in the industry. The reason for this is that certain gardening services can be only done with Gardening AQF III in hand.

How Much Does Gardening Services Cost?

Costs for gardening services vary widely because it depends on the service you avail. On average, you can expect to pay $45 per hour for gardening services. Some of the factors that determine the costs for gardening services are labour, travelling time, equipment and solutions used.

  • Garden maintenance- $50 to $70 per hour

  • Weeding- $60 to $120 per hour

  • Lawn mowing- $50 to $120 per hour

  • Pruning & hedging- $50 to $150 per hour

  • Green waste removal- $50 to $150 per hour

For more information, you can check out our gardening cost guides. We have explained there in more detail.

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