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Welcome to ServiceTasker™! These Terms of Use ("Terms") govern your use of our website located at servicetasker.com.au . Please take the time to carefully read and understand these Terms before using the Site. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at 0481 614 490 or via support@servicetasker.com.au.

Introduction and Acknowledgement

These Terms of Use establish a contractual agreement between you, the user of the Site, and us, ServiceTasker™ Pty Ltd (ABN 29 668 377 115). By utilising the Site, you acknowledge that you've had ample opportunity to read and comprehend these Terms and agree to be bound by them. Should you find any provision of these Terms disagreeable, please refrain from using the Site.

Customers and Businesses

ServiceTasker™ endeavours to facilitate connections between Customers and Businesses to fulfil service needs. However, it's crucial to understand that ServiceTasker™ acts solely as a platform for introductions and isn't directly involved in user transactions. Consequently, ServiceTasker™ cannot guarantee the services provided by Businesses or the authenticity and financial viability of Customers.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute between users, ServiceTasker™ and its affiliates are released from any associated claims or damages. Disputes may be resolved through arbitration, with costs incurred by the initiating party.

Email Correspondence

ServiceTasker™ may send automated emails to registered users and facilitate user-to-user messaging within the website. All communications sent via the website are integral to the ServiceTasker™ platform.

Material Usage Guidelines

  1. Limited Rights:
    Material on the Site is provided for personal, non-commercial use only, and any reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited.
  2. Copyright Protection:
    Users may download material from the Site for personal, non-commercial use, provided that all copyright notices remain intact.


The use of the site to post job requests is free of charge. However, users are solely responsible for payment if they accept a quote and enter into a contract with a business.

Use of Gathered Information

ServiceTasker™ may collect and process users' personal information for direct marketing purposes.

Termination of Access

ServiceTasker™ reserves the right to terminate access to the Site at any time without explanation or justification. In such cases, ServiceTasker™ bears no liability for any resulting costs or damages.

Alteration of Terms

ServiceTasker™ acknowledges that the nature of online platforms and services may evolve over time, necessitating updates to the Terms of Use. Therefore, ServiceTasker™ reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use as required, with or without prior notice. This flexibility allows ServiceTasker™ to adapt to changing circumstances, improve user experience, and ensure compliance with legal regulations. Users are encouraged to periodically review the Terms of Use to stay informed about any changes.

Relevant Jurisdiction

In order to provide clarity and legal certainty, these Terms of Use are governed by the laws of South Australia. This choice of law is deliberate and reflects the location of ServiceTasker™ Pty Ltd's operations and the primary jurisdiction where the Site is hosted. Any disputes arising from the interpretation or application of these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of South Australia. This provision ensures a consistent legal framework for resolving disputes and upholding the rights and obligations of all parties involved.

Email Communication

Communication is essential for facilitating transactions and interactions on the ServiceTasker™ platform. To enhance user experience and streamline communication, the website may generate automated emails to registered users. Additionally, users have the ability to send emails and messages to each other through the website. These email communications, whether generated by the website or initiated by users, are integral to the functionality of the ServiceTasker™ platform. They serve to convey important information, updates, and notifications related to user activities and interactions.

Customers Requesting a Service

By continuing to access and use the ServiceTasker™ website, you implicitly agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in these Terms of Use. These terms govern your interactions, transactions, and use of the Site. It is important to familiarise yourself with these terms and ensure compliance to maintain a positive user experience and uphold the integrity of the ServiceTasker™ platform.

Use of Material on the Site

  1. Limited Use: The material available on the ServiceTasker™ website is provided for personal, non-commercial use only. Users are prohibited from reproducing, distributing, or modifying the material for any commercial purposes without explicit authorization. This restriction aims to protect the intellectual property rights of ServiceTasker™ and third-party content creators.
  2. Copyright Notice: While users are permitted to download material from the ServiceTasker™ website for personal, non-commercial use, it is important to respect copyright notices and attributions. Users must not remove or alter any copyright notices or indications of ownership when downloading or using material from the Site. This ensures compliance with copyright laws and acknowledges the rights of content creators.


The ServiceTasker™ platform offers users the opportunity to post job requests and receive quotes from Businesses free of charge. However, it is important to note that acceptance of a quote and entry into a contract with a Business may result in financial obligations. Users are solely responsible for payment for any work performed by the Business in accordance with the agreed-upon terms and conditions. It is advisable to carefully review quotes and contracts before proceeding to ensure clarity and mutual understanding of payment terms and obligations.

Limitation of Liability

ServiceTasker™, along with its directors, agents, and employees, operate under the understanding that the information provided on the website is intended for general informational purposes only. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that ServiceTasker™ and its affiliates are released from any liability arising directly or indirectly from the information presented on the website. This includes, but is not limited to, any errors or omissions in the information provided by ServiceTasker™ or third parties through the website. It's important to recognize that while ServiceTasker™ strives for accuracy, the nature of online information may result in occasional inaccuracies or oversights. Therefore, users are encouraged to independently verify any information obtained from the website before relying on it for decision-making purposes.

Use of Information Gathered

ServiceTasker™ is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of user information. As part of our services, we may collect and process personal information provided by users. This information may include but is not limited to names, email addresses, contact details, and preferences. We may use this information for various purposes, including direct marketing initiatives aimed at providing users with relevant updates, promotions, or offers related to our services. However, it's important to note that we respect user privacy and adhere to applicable data protection laws and regulations. Users have the right to opt-out of receiving marketing communications from us at any time by following the instructions provided in such communications.

Alteration of Terms of Use

ServiceTasker™ understands the dynamic nature of online platforms and may need to update or modify our Terms of Use from time to time. We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms with or without notice and without providing an explanation or justification for such changes. It's important for users to regularly review our Terms of Use to stay informed about any updates or modifications. By continuing to use the Site after changes have been made to the Terms of Use, users implicitly agree to abide by the revised terms. We encourage users to reach out to us if they have any questions or concerns about the Terms of Use or any changes made to them.

Code of Conduct Overview:

Our Code of Conduct ensures marketplace integrity for all ServiceTasker™ users.

  1. Prohibited Activities:
    - Offending others or sharing unlawful content.
    - Engaging in contests, spamming, or unauthorised emailing.
    - Using automated tools, distributing harmful material, or unauthorised services.
  2. Monitoring and Disclosure:
    ServiceTasker™ reserves the right to monitor and disclose user activities as needed to comply with laws.
  3. Respectful Interactions:
    Users must maintain courteous and non-discriminatory behaviour.
  4. Excellence in Service:
    Businesses are expected to provide high-quality and professional service.
  5. Honest Pricing:
    Transparent and fair pricing is essential for customer trust.
  6. Punctuality:
    Timely service delivery is crucial for professionalism.
  7. Compliance with Terms:
    Users must adhere to ServiceTasker's™ Terms of Use, respecting privacy and security.
  8. Legitimate Reviews:
    Users must provide genuine and honest feedback.
  9. No Criminal Activity:
    Engagement in any criminal activity is strictly prohibited.
  10. No Threats or Harassment:
    Zero-tolerance for threats or harassment towards users or staff.
  11. Costs Incurred in Recovery:
    Businesses are responsible for covering recovery costs in disputes or non-payment.

General Information

- Content on the website is for information purposes only and not expert advice.

- Information is believed to be accurate but no warranty is made.

- ServiceTasker™ is not liable for any reliance on website information or errors.


- ServiceTasker™ isn't involved in transactions between users.

- Quality, legality, or truth of postings is not guaranteed.

- Background checks are performed but aren't 100% reliable.

Email Notifications

- Emails from ServiceTasker™ don't guarantee transactions.

- Users are responsible for monitoring and completing transactions.


- Users are solely responsible for their actions' legality.

- ServiceTasker™ doesn't guarantee users' actions' legality.


- Users indemnify ServiceTasker™ against claims arising from breaches.

No Agency

- No formal relationship is created between users and ServiceTasker™

User Information

- Users must provide accurate information and notify ServiceTasker™ of changes

- ServiceTasker™ may modify submitted information.

Username & Password

- Users must choose a valid email as a username.

- Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their credentials.

Phone Recordings

- ServiceTasker™ may record phone calls for training purposes.

Personal Information & Privacy

  1. Collection Sources: ServiceTasker™ gathers personal information from various sources, including the public, advertisers, mailing lists, contractors, and business partners.
  2. Types of Information: The personal data collected comprises, but is not confined to, name, address, contact details, driver's licence, passport, and relevant financial details like credit card and banking information.
  3. Collection Methods: Information is primarily obtained through website registration but can also be provided via email, surveys, or phone interactions.
  4. Cookie Usage: The website uses cookies to identify devices accessing it. Users can manage cookie settings in their browsers.
  5. Third-party Involvement: ServiceTasker™ may obtain information from third parties and cross-reference it. Users providing another person's information must notify them and provide this privacy policy.
  6. Usage of Personal Information

  7. Primary Purposes: ServiceTasker™ employs personal data to customise user experiences, manage services, and communicate with users about relevant opportunities.
  8. Disclosure: Certain sensitive information is only used for specific purposes or as permitted by law, unless consented to otherwise by the user.
  9. Management & Security

  10. Privacy Officer: Oliver Pennington serves as the privacy officer to oversee compliance with Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Act.
  11. Data Security: ServiceTasker™ employs various measures to safeguard personal information from unauthorised access or disclosure.
  12. Retention: Personal information is retained for at least 12 months post-last interaction, with options for deletion or anonymisation upon user request or as legally required.
  13. Updates & Access

  14. Updating Information: Users can update personal data by emailing support@servicetasker.com.au.
  15. Accessing Information: Users have the right to access and rectify their personal information, with exceptions outlined in the Privacy Act.
  16. Licence & Use

  17. Content Usage: By providing information, users grant ServiceTasker™ a non-exclusive, perpetual right to use it, subject to the terms outlined.
  18. Background Check

  19. Requirement: Business users must undergo a background check, including licences, insurances, identity verification, before contacting customers.
  20. Consumer Reviews Policy

  21. Rating System: Consumers can publicly rate and review businesses. ServiceTasker™ does not moderate but reserves the right to remove certain content as outlined.
  22. Negative Reviews Handling

  23. Display & Response: Negative feedback is displayed publicly, with businesses permitted to respond once. Disputes may be mediated by ServiceTasker™.
  24. Reporting Breaches

  25. Reporting: Users can report policy breaches via email to support@servicetasker.com.au.
  26. Consequences of Non-Payment

  27. Non-payment: Failure to pay may result in access restrictions, debt collection, or legal action, as outlined.
  28. Breaching Terms & Conditions

  29. Consequences: Breaches of Terms & Conditions may lead to warnings, suspensions, or termination of user accounts.
  30. Termination

  31. Termination: ServiceTasker™ may terminate user accounts at its discretion, with users remaining bound by Terms & Conditions.
  32. Customer Support Policy

  33. Enquiries Handling: Enquiries are responded to promptly via email or escalated if needed.
  34. Consumer Complaints

  35. Handling Complaints: Complaints are acknowledged promptly, logged, investigated, and responded to within defined timelines.
  36. Dispute Resolution Policy

  37. Suspension & Termination: Business user accounts may be suspended or terminated for breaches of terms, with specific criteria outlined.
  38. Cancellation Procedure: Paying businesses can cancel memberships online or by email, with specified procedures and conditions.
  39. Refunds Policy (Business)*

  40. Refund Policy: Refunds are generally not provided, subject to certain conditions outlined.
  41. Updates, Promotions, & Third-party Links

  42. Website Updates: ServiceTasker™ may modify website features, content, or promotions at any time.
  43. Promotions & Links: Outbound Third-party links are provided without endorsement, with users engaging at their own risk.
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