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Do you need to completely remodel your outside space and garden? Then, for doing such a tedious task, you must be looking for a professional who can handle your to-do task easily. With the assistance of a nearby landscaper, you can flourish your garden landscape effortlessly. Their knowledge and experience can ensure that you and your family appreciate your outside areas and assist in increasing the value and enjoyment of your house.

At ServiceTasker™️, you can post your tasks and ideas to discuss with experienced landscapers and set a cost-effective deal for your work. We have found that landscapes are increasingly being planned to fit the choice of the homeowners. So if you want to plan your landscape design, you can trust our platform to connect you with the best businesses in Australia. Landscapers from all corners of Australia are listed on our platform.

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Work Of Landscape Gardeners

What Is The Work Of Landscape Gardeners?

Landscapers are professionals who transform your outdoor spaces, whether it's your backyard, front lawn, patio, or any other area outside your home. They help your outdoor space not only flourish but also become more functional and enjoyable. But did you know that landscapers aren't the same as gardeners?

While gardeners focus on plant maintenance, upkeep, and new plantings, landscapers tackle more structural challenges. Think designing patios, building retaining walls, installing water features, or crafting walkways. They essentially create the framework for your outdoor living space. So, if you're looking to completely redesign your outdoor area, a landscaper is the way to go. But if your existing space just needs some TLC, a gardener can help your plants thrive. And sometimes, you might even find professionals who offer both landscaping and gardening services!

Hardscaping and soft scaping:

The foundational work of any landscape gardener's daily tasks is hardscaping and soft scaping. Any work including the installation of grass, mulch, soil, flower beds, or new trees and shrubs is categorised as soft scaping.

The labour that follows is called hardscaping, and it involves building or installing all the "hard" components, such as retaining walls, patios, decks, asphalt, drives, and water features like ponds.

Design of a landscape:

Some landscapers can also design your project and sketch it out for you to see how it will turn out. Depending on the project's magnitude, council permission can be required.

In addition to aspects like paving, paths, water features, walls, and other inventions, landscape design also involves the selection and arrangement of the flora. Experts in landscaping will know exactly which plants are best for your outside environment, including what sizes they can reach, how colours change with the seasons, and which species work best there. Some landscape gardeners are more pragmatic; they will hire a landscape architect to create the design and concentrate on the building stage.

Building Of A Landscape:

The landscaper will get to work as soon as the landscape design is finalized. If the property is new, the landscaping will be created from the ground up. It is possible to improve or renovate existing areas. This may need the use of heavy machinery, depending on the project, especially if excavations or earthworks are required.

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Price Of Landscaping Services

What Is The Price Of Landscaping Services?

Hourly rates for landscape gardeners can vary widely from $50 per hour to $250, reflecting either experience or the complexity of the job. Expect to be quoted a flat fee for a project, which can be broken down into labour and materials.

Would you like an estimate of the price of some typical landscaping projects? Your task might cost the following, depending on where you reside and the size of the project:

  • $2,500–$3000 for new grass installation and garden lighting installation

  • Over $3k is spent on landscaping and a new retaining wall.

  • Costing of the full backyard renovation may fall between $4,000 and $10,000. It might include new turf, trees, and plants.

In case your budget is low, preferably do not start the project. These kinds of projects are quite costly and the budget may rise and fall. While doing landscaping, you may add things as per your liking, such as:

  • Building a swimming pool, but a professional pool builder usually completes this work

  • Excavation, as it requires specialized equipment and is costly to remove significant amounts of rock and debris

  • Installing a new concrete driveway because concrete pouring takes a lot of time and labour.

What Inquiries Need To Make Of Landscapers Before Employing Them?

You need to make sure you select the best landscape gardener for your job now that you have a solid concept of how much they could charge. You should inquire about the following when you begin receiving bids from nearby landscapers:

  • Could you provide me with a written quote and an estimated time frame?

  • Are you able to offer references?

  • When are you able to begin working?

  • Do you have insurance?

  • Do you possess the required credentials and licenses?

Be careful to compare at least three quotations before choosing to work with a landscape gardener. Moreover, you must consider all aspects to determine the price of your landscaping project. This can help you get an idea of current market rates.

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