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ServiceTasker™️ is your platform for finding skilled electricians across Australia, as we connect you with all licensed and ABN-Checked technicians. We understand the importance of reliable electrician services, whether it's for routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or electrical installations. Our network of local experts, electrical technicians, and professionals in the field of electrical services ensures that you have access to top-notch electricians in your area. Count on us to connect you with experienced & licensed electricians who are just a few clicks away, ready to handle any electrical task with precision and expertise. Check reviews and ratings, choose, and get 3 Free Quotes now!

When Should I Contact An Electrician?

People can often think that they can deal with electric devices on their own! But it can be extremely dangerous at times. Especially if you are not aware of handling the device properly. There are several reasons why you would need an electrician and when you should contact them. 

  • An electrician can ensure that the brand-new electrical system you've purchased is installed securely. They are also required if you are constructing or remodelling a home.

  • When you sense a burnt smell or hear strange noises originating from outlets, switches, or other parts, you need to reach out to an emergency electrician immediately and shortly thereafter.

  • Regular fault checks should be performed on electrical systems by experts. Inspections of home electrical appliances are advised every three to five years. Yearly or additional frequent inspections may be necessary for commercial or rental buildings.

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What Are The Common Electrical Services You Can Get?

Since electricians are multi-talented and pretty versatile, they can often help you with many problems and tasks. The following are the jobs that an electrician most commonly does! It includes:

  • Electric Rewiring

    In case you are hustling with power points and getting them replaced, you can contact an electrician who can do it all for you. This includes replacing power points and electric circuits. Also if there is a requirement for rewiring, be it a partial or a complete one, you can fully get it done. During construction time, if it is poorly done, then this service can be handy.

  • Electrical Repairs

    For the periodic services where power points and their wirings should be repaired, one should make sure to hire competent electricians who can do the job for you. Certain electric systems should be repaired regularly, so hire licensed professionals for the best outcomes.

  • Safety Switches

    Safety switches that protect you from power surges are also checked and fixed by electricians. These switches play a major role in keeping you and your property safe from damaged wiring as well as faulty appliances. Since these function by monitoring the electricity flow, they often trip when there are power fluctuations.

  • Lighting

    People can do this part by themselves. But at times, this can be a difficult task for a few. So, hiring a certified electrician to get the installation of lights is ideal. You can trust electricians for lighting services.

  • Security Lighting

    When you want to upgrade or install security lighting, an electrician can be of great help. That's when you know that you need an electrician and only a licensed expert can do the installation of sensors like day/night sensors or motion sensors, and floodlights.

  • Wiring A New Home

    If you are planning to or constructing a property, then you would need a construction electrician. They can help you out in installing the outlets and other electrical elements. Prior planning and getting an appointment can be helpful in case you want to have the electric system suit your design and also the layout of your house.

  • New Electrical Installations

    It is required to hire a licensed electrician if you are considering building a new house. Not only that, but it can also be beneficial in case you are looking to make changes such as customising the system in your property, you can get that done as well.

  • Power Points

    Power points replacement and repairs are a concern in every household. Only those who are properly trained can perform such services. Not only do they repair the power points, but they can also suggest to you the number of units that need to be placed. In addition, they even install USB power points.

  • Switchboards

    Switchboards are specially designed to protect people from electrocution. This helps in isolating faulty units and appliances that might cause severe electrical damage. Therefore, such units should be upgraded and repaired regularly to avoid such incidents. If your property is old, getting new switchboards is ideal, for which you can hire electricians to do the job.

  • Test And Tag

    This service includes the labelling and testing of the equipment while identifying defective items. This can only be done by a trained and experienced electrician with the help of proper gear. By using the test and tag equipment there are even the chances for identifying earth leakage and insulation deficiencies as well.

  • Renovations

    In case you decide to renovate your property be it a residential one or a commercial one, then you must consult to residential & industrial electricians. This will help in making the job of installation or removal of power points easier. Along with these, the electricians can also help you out with the lighting, sockets, and routing of the new wires. If required they even install the switchboards in your newly renovated rooms.

  • Solar Power

    In case you are considering enhancing the efficiency of energy in your house, then you can switch to solar power systems. This way you will be able to not only improve efficiency but also reduce the cost that you will have to pay for the consumption of energy. So hiring an electrician who specialises in installing solar systems will provide you with the information regarding it and will choose the best option for your property based on the consumption rate.

  • Backup Generators

    Installing a power backup generator is ideal, in case you are worried about frequent power outages. Having a backup source can be very helpful in case of emergencies. Along with this, you also need to hire an electrician who can give you complete information about the most suitable type of generator for your property.

  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

    A UPS system is considered as the backup power supply unit which is used to keep the supply after the electricity cut. Especially the computers that can be affected by power failures or surges can be protected efficiently. You can hire an electrician to help with the installation of UPS.

  • Heating And Cooling Units

    An electrician who specialises in installing heating and cooling electric devices like air conditioners, temperature control systems, water heaters, etc should be hired. This helps in making the installation process efficient and there won't be any difficulties in the future.

  • Home Entertainment

    If you want to get your home entertainment devices like home theatre or other sound systems, you should consider hiring an electrician. This can involve the installation of other multiple electrical devices including a television, projector, etc.

  • Alarm Systems

    Be it for a security system or smoke alarm fitting, you can never go wrong by hiring an electrician. Since they are professional at what they do, they can even advise you on what works best for you and also install alarm systems properly.

  • Home Automation

    Some electricians can even install complex automation systems in your residential spaces. These home automation systems can coordinate all the lighting, security, and other entertainment systems with just smart control. Not only that, but this system can also help you in the irrigation process of your garden or lawns, helps in pet feeding, and also provides you smart access to your windows as well as air conditioners.

  • Electrical Data Cabling

    Data cabling will help you the best while you plan to install your security systems, telephones, or even your computers. For the best data cabling advice, electrician services might come in handy. Without any further ado, get yourself an electrical to do the job.

  • Fibre Optic Cables

    If you already have certain electronic devices like telephones or home entertainment systems, get an electrician to install fibre optic cables. This helps in getting additional benefits due to the wider bandwidth. Therefore, you get to enjoy clearer telephonic services with good sound quality.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service

    Electrical emergencies and hazards like electrical fires or dangerous currents come with no prior notice. You can rely on electricians in case you face any! Not only do they offer emergency services, but they are available 24/7. Therefore, if you have any kind of emergency even if it is a power outage, you can immediately reach out to them without any delay.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Licensed Electrician For Electrical Work?

Electrical work can be extremely diverse and complex. Therefore, it is ideal to hire professionals to do the job. Except for minor jobs like changing the lightbulb, for other complex electrical work, it is advised to seek professional help from a licensed electrician. You might consider getting some incompetent or unlicensed electrician to do the job, but it is illegal in Australia to do so. Not only that, it could sometimes be deadly if the work is not done properly. In case the electrician fails to detect the hazard immediately, or doesn't follow safety precautions it can lead to undesired outcomes. So it is important not to risk under certain conditions.

For your safety and other residents, people must seek services only from licensed electrical contractors. This has to be followed across all the territories and states of Australia. To ensure that the electrician is licensed, one should verify their previous work and also ask for their licence.

To know more about electricians and where to find licensed electricians near you, all you need to do is post your task on this platform and follow the process to find electricians for your job.

What Do Licensed Electricians Do?

Licensed electricians are the most competent and skilful personnel who are trustworthy. Since they work under safe conditions and are well-versed in all electrical emergencies, you can have your concern solved in no time. Sometimes even a minor job can induce electrical hazards, if not handled properly. You can avoid all these by hiring a licensed electrician. This has many other benefits including chances of risk minimisation and keeping the people in the property safe.

How To Differentiate Between Residential Electricians And Commercial Electricians?

Commercial properties are quite different from residential ones. Therefore, it is important to choose the electricians accordingly. Most of them are competent enough to work for all types of electrical jobs, including industrial settings. The legal requirements, consumption rate and the type of electrical systems present in a commercial property are different from that of the residential one. So, choose wisely.

  • Commercial electricians are often expected to be more skilled and are meant to work on larger projects. This includes working for hotels, office blocks, public properties, etc. They even work for industrial facilities such as warehouses and factories. Since they have specialised knowledge in doing diversified work, they stick to the electrical standards and restrict themselves within the limits. This helps in ensuring public safety and also avoids causing any kind of electrical hazard.

  • Residential or domestic electricians do have the knowledge and can experience that permits them to carry out jobs like installing, repairing and also maintaining various electrical systems on your property. This also includes dealing with power points, wiring and switches. Along with these, they also can install new fittings and other security systems.

To know who to hire, it is necessary to first verify the licence of the electrician that covers both residential and commercial work. Depending on that, you can make the decision accordingly.

What Is A Level 2 Electrician?

In Australia, the accreditation for an electrician will be given for different levels. You will get to know the type of local electrical contractor that you are going to hire if you let them know the type of service that you are looking for.

In case the service that you are looking for includes the work around the service lines involving the network of the electrical supply, then it might require you to hire a level 2 electrician. These tasks can also involve the following jobs

  • Installation or repair of the service lines

  • Installation and servicing of the power supply units

  • Servicing or installation of the electricity metres

  • Connecting and disconnecting the electrical supply to a site

If you are someone looking for renovation work to a large extent or constructing a new building, then you should definitely hire a level 2 electrician. Only such licenced and qualified electricians can work in compliance with the norms set by the Australian Wiring Rules And Regulations. This helps in maintaining safety while they work to sound the live wires and other electrical setups.

How Much Does An Electrician Cost?

An electrician in general in Australia will charge you on an hourly basis. This can be around $80-$120 per hour. The pricing could also alter depending on the place you live. But the rate of the first hour usually includes the call-out fee and other costs, so it is going to be higher compared to the rest.

You can expect the cost to be around $300-$500 in case it's an average task. In such cases hourly fee will be waived, it will be covered under the call-out fee.

These price points can be variable as they depend on various other points like the area you live in and also other factors. Based on these factors, it can cost a bit higher or lower. In addition, there will be other costs involved which might be the material costs, etc. But these are usually covered in the initial quote itself.

Other factors that might affect the cost of the electrician are as follows:

  • Type of service that you need

  • Local prices of the particular service in your area

  • The duration and size of the job that needs to be done

  • It also depends on the electrician's relevant qualifications and also experiences

  • In case you need an emergency electrician

How Much Does A Licensed Electrician Cost Per Hour?

Depending on the area you live in, it will be around $80-$120. As mentioned above, the rate of the first hour will be high as it includes call-out fees along with other costs.

If it is a quick fix or work requires up to 30 minutes, then you will be charged around $150. This is because they only charge you the standard call-out fee. If it's an emergency, then the call-out fee can be slightly high and you will be charged around $300.

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Electrical Outlet?

It again depends on the complexity of the installation and also the size of the fixture that you're looking for. If you want the electrician to fix a single power point then it can be flat at $140-$180 per outlet. In general, this includes the call-out fee.

How Long Do Electrical Services Take?

It is purely dependent on the scope of work which means the type of service that you are opting for. Time consumption can considerably vary from one service to another. If it is a basic installation or repair then it will be done in an hour or two. If it's a complex project then it will consume an entire day or can even be longer. This is generally the case if it is a commercial property or an industrial site.

Since the services are charged on an hourly basis, you need to check the timeline to finish up the work. In case you have access issues or you stay in remote areas, do let them know, as they can also affect the time required to do the job.

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What Are The Questions You Should Ask An Electrician?

Make sure the electrician you hire is the best fit for the project before selecting one. Questions like these are on a good hiring electrician checklist.

  • Which types of services do you offer?

  • Do you possess the necessary licence?

  • Do you own current insurance?

  • Can you offer a written estimate?

  • How much time would my work require?

  • Do you have any references I may call?

You can request to provide a quote for your project after you are confident that they possess the required training and expertise. We have a list of top electricians in your area to ensure that you can make a wise choice.

What Things Should I Clarify While Hiring Professional Electricians In My Area?

Getting clarity on the things you are unsure about can be the best thing you can do! If you're choosing an electrician for a bigger or more complicated undertaking, you ought to ensure they have the appropriate training or certification. Residential electricians, for instance, might not be qualified to operate on a commercial structure.

You can feel confident that you're hiring the best  expert for the task by requesting recommendations from former clients with comparable electrical demands. To save money and travel time, you must additionally make sure you employ a local electrician.

To be sure you don't forget anything, see our checklist before hiring an electrician.

How To Choose The Best Electrician For My Job?

Finding the electrician of your choice can be difficult if you know what you want. When you're prepared to hire an electrician, use ServiceTasker™️ to request quotations from nearby electricians. To give you a decent indication of market prices and to provide you with a selection of services to pick from, we advise getting at least three quotations. This shouldn't be focused just on cost, since a cheap electrician might not be the best choice for more difficult work.

How To Find An Electrician Nearby?

For this, all you need to do is post your task on ServiceTasker™️. From our compiled list of all the electricians who are experienced, competent, reliable and trustworthy, you can find your suitable taskers. This is the easiest way to find electricians in Australia. You can directly search for our local electricians in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. In addition, other locations are covered as well. By comparing the 3 quotes, you can find the best tradie based on your budget and also your needs.

*Costs and the prices mentioned are subject to changes and can only be used as a guide. This can also be influenced by market forces or any other external factors.

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