How Much Does Gutter Repair Cost?

Average Gutter Repair Cost: $300-$450

The average cost for gutter repair in Australia ranges from $300 to $450. This price typically covers labour and materials for fixing common issues such as leaks, sagging, and damaged sections. The cost of major issues can range from $500 to 2,200.

How Much Does Gutter Repair Cost?
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How Much Does Gutter Repair Cost

One of the most overlooked but crucial areas of maintaining the integrity of your home is the gutters. Gutters protect your home from water damage by channelling rainwater away from the foundation. However, they can deteriorate over time and need repair. If your gutters require repair but you’re unsure about the cost, read this further to learn more about the expenses involved in gutter repair.

If you want to prevent serious water damage, you should hire a roofer to fix your gutters as soon as possible. The average cost to repair a leaking gutter in Australia is about $450, depending on the material and style of the gutter. Don’t delay—if you take swift action and repair them as soon as possible, it can save you from more expensive repairs later on.

Professional is Repairing Gutter
A Professional Using Drilling Machine While Repairing Gutter

Average Cost Of Gutter Repair

The cost of gutter repair typically ranges from $340 to $690. The material of your gutter significantly affects the repair cost. In Australia, cast iron and copper are more expensive options, whereas PVC is among the cheapest.

You can save money by choosing to repair your gutter with less expensive materials, but they might not be durable. In the harsh climate of Australia, it will be better if you invest more in high-quality materials because they last longer and also need fewer repairs. If you choose the right materials, you can keep your home safe from water damage.

Average Costs Of Guttering Materials Per Metre

Guttering prices vary based on the material they use per metre. Here is an overview of average costs for a one-metre length of guttering based on different materials:

  • PVC Guttering: $30 to $40 per metre

  • Zincalume Guttering: $30 to $50 per metre

  • Colorbond Guttering: $40 to $70 per metre

  • Stainless Steel Guttering: $85 to $160 per metre

Check Average Gutter Repair Cost in Australia

Additional Costs With Gutter Repair

  • For a small home measuring 7m x 11m, expect to pay around $1,900 for guttering.

  • For guttering alone, a smaller home might cost $3,000, while including fascia could bring the total to $4,300.

  • In the Sydney area, approximately 90 metres of guttering and fascia installation might total around $6,100.

  • Single-Story Home: Gutter cleaning costs range from $200 to $300.

  • Two-Story Home: Gutter cleaning prices vary from $250 to $500.

The average cost to hire a professional gutter cleaning service in Australia is around $200. If you are thinking of cleaning your gutters yourself, it will cost only $50 on average.

Gutter Repair Work By a Local Professional
Gutter Repair Work By a Local Professional

Factors Affecting Gutter Repair Costs

  • Extent Of Damage: The extent of damage is an important factor affecting repair costs. Usually, minor issues like small leaks or loose brackets are cheaper to fix, but when it comes to extensive damages, they require the entire gutter section to be replaced.

  • Size Of Home And Accessibility: The size of your home and its accessibility directly influence the repair costs. If you have a large home with more gutters, be prepared to pay more because it will naturally take more time and labour to repair your gutters, which raises the overall cost. Additionally, if you have gutters in hard-to-reach areas, special equipment and efforts are required to reach them, which adds to labour costs.

  • Material Of Gutter: The material of your gutters also influences repair costs. Usually, cast iron and copper gutters are more expensive to repair due to material costs and specialized labour.

  • Location: Your location makes a big difference. Gutter repair costs in Australia vary based on how much workers charge. If you live in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, where living costs are high, gutter repairs are generally more expensive. So, where you live matters when planning for gutter repairs.

Signs It's Time To Repair Your Gutters: Key Indicators

If you know when to repair your gutters, it can save you from expensive home repairs. Here are some signs that show it's high time to repair your gutters:

  • Leaks: You can keep an eye out for any drips or water flowing out of your gutters after a downpour. If you see any leaking parts, make sure you repair them as soon as possible.

  • Any Damaged Section: Don’t replace your entire gutter system; instead, you can replace that particular damaged section. Unnecessarily replacing the entire gutter system will cost you a lot of money.

  • Loose or Detached Gutters: Make sure your gutters are firmly in place and not coming loose from the fascia.

  • One Seam/Joint Is Leaking: If one seam or joint is leaking, you can try tightening the elbow joints. You might also need some sealant to fix the leak.

  • Sagging Gutters: Check for any parts of the gutters that are separating from the fascia or drooping in the centre.

  • Overflowing Gutters: Clogged or poorly sloped gutters are indicated by overflowing during rainstorms.

A Professional is Doing Gutter Repair Work
A Professional is Doing Gutter Repair Work

Ways To Save On Gutter Repair Costs

If you want to repair your gutters, make sure you swiftly take action and repair them as soon as possible to maintain the integrity of your home. Here are 5 ways to help you save money on gutter repairs while ensuring your gutters remain in top condition.

  • Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance prevents minor issues from becoming major problems. Make sure you regularly clean your gutters to remove leaves, twigs, and debris. Additionally, check for leaks, rust, and sagging to address issues early and resolve them as early as possible.

  • DIY Minor Repairs: You can save on labour costs by DIY minor repairs yourself. There are some tasks for which you can repair small leaks with gutter sealant or patches, reattach loose brackets, and clear blockages from downspouts yourself if you’re comfortable with DIY projects.

  • Use Cost-Effective Materials: By choosing cost-effective materials such as vinyl or aluminium gutters, you can balance cost and durability.

  • Get Multiple Quotes: Get at least 3 quotes so that you can compare their prices and services. Make sure you get a fair price. To get an accurate price, you have to mention all the details and explain everything to the contractors so that they can provide you with the right price with details.

  • Schedule Repairs During Off-Peak Seasons: Some contractors may offer lower rates when they’re less busy. If your gutter repairs aren’t urgent, you can plan them for late winter or early spring. During these seasons, demand for these services is generally lower, and by doing so, you can save an extra sum of money.

Things To Consider While Getting A Gutter Repair Quote

  • The first and foremost thing is to check the contractor’s experience and reputation through reviews and references.

  • Make sure the quote includes details of every aspect, such as labour, the type of material, and any additional fees.

  • Ask your contractor about warranties on both materials and workmanship.

  • Verify that the contractor has liability insurance and worker’s compensation.

  • You should also confirm the types of materials they're going to use and their quality.

  • You can also ask them about an estimated timeline for the completion of the repair.

  • Inquire about potential additional costs or hidden costs that might arise during the repair process.

Final Inspection of Gutter After Repaired by Professional
Final Inspection of Gutter After Repaired by Professional


Gutter repair is essential for protecting your home from water damage, and understanding the costs involved can help you budget effectively. Regular maintenance, choosing cost-effective materials, and addressing minor issues promptly can save you money. Always get multiple quotes, check contractor credentials, and plan repairs during off-peak seasons. By taking these steps, you can ensure your gutters remain in top condition without overspending.

*Do not take the given prices and costs as actual prices for your services. These are subject to change based on local market rates for various things like labour and material.

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