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Top 10 Gutter Cleaning Tips

29 May, 2024 / Gutter Cleaning / Written by ServiceTasker Team / 108 Views / Last Updated 29 May, 2024

Top 10 Gutter Cleaning Tips

If your gutter is neglected for months, then it is meant to get clogged with debris, sticks, leaves, pest infestations, etc. This, in turn, makes the rainwater in gutters flow back into your property making the environment around you unsafe and unclean. So, keep your gutters clean to make them do their job efficiently without you constantly worrying about overflowing gutter water. To make this possible you have a few tips to follow. We have described the top 10 gutter cleaning tips that you can follow to complete the work like a professional and maintain your gutter flow as usual.

Here Are The Top 10 Gutter Cleaning Tips

1. Safety First

The first tip to keep in mind when planning to clean your gutter is to know the importance of the best tools usage for your safety. So, carefully select the tools we mentioned here and make the gutter cleaning a smooth-going process.

  • Gutter vacuum system- The most important tool to maintain your gutter flow is a gutter vacuum system.

  • PPE- It is personal protective equipment that can be worn to keep oneself safe and healthy while gutter cleaning.

  • Cleaning Agents- Choosing a cleaning agent that is made specifically for cleaning the gutter is the best option as it breaks leaf litter, removes debris, etc. all at once.

  • Pressure Washers & Attachments- You can go with pressure washer hoses, gun threads and attachments to get rid of organic dirt or clean tiles surrounding the gutter.

  • Small Hand Trowels- Despite cleaning your gutter regularly, you find gutter junk at times. So, use a small hand trowel to remove it.

  • A Sturdy Ladder- If yours is a 2-storey building and such, using a sturdy ladder roof is a mandatory tool to keep yourself safe from falls.

  • Hand Brush And A Bristled Broom- To clean loose debris on your roofs and clear the debris in gutters to the last speck, use a hand brush and a bristled brush

  • Green Waste Bags- The best way of collecting moss and leaves from your gutter, you make use of green waste bags.

2. Choose the Right Time

Choosing a clear day for gutter cleaning not only minimizes the risk of unexpected rain but also provides better visibility and safety for the task. Rain can make gutters slippery and increase the chances of accidents while cleaning. Moreover, a sunny day allows you to inspect your gutters more thoroughly, ensuring they are free from debris and blockages that could lead to water damage or drainage issues.

Additionally, cleaning on a dry day enables any residual water or moisture in the gutters to evaporate naturally, preventing potential mould or mildew growth. It's advisable to check your local weather forecast to select an ideal day for this essential maintenance task, ensuring your home's drainage system remains in optimal condition.

3. Clearing Leaves & Debris By Hand

Commonly, every gutter experiences a day where they get clogged because of sticks, small plants and compressed debris. In addition to this, gutters also get blocked when decomposed leaves, tree branches and moss invade the area. And if you let them be, these unwanted materials in gutters become a thick tar-like material emitting an unpleasant smell. So, before you start cleaning your gutter with pressure washing, you have to get rid of this tar-like material by using your hand. This is because washing away before can end up clogging both the gutter and its downspouts. Thus, experts recommend removing the leaves and debris by using your hand for better cleaning results.

4. Clean The Drain

One thing that people forget while cleaning their gutters is not cleaning their drains which instead leads to blockages in gutters. So, by forgetting drain cleaning, gutter cleaning becomes a bigger challenge as it becomes a hurdle for drains. Therefore, you need to clear away the drains first before cleaning your gutter. To begin drain cleaning, dig out the soil, debris, litter and leaves in it using hand trowels and then pour chemical-free drain cleaner in the drain. However, if your drains are blocked and you are unable to clear them away, use a high-pressure washer attachment. This helps in blasting the blocks in your drains.

5. Check For Clogs And Clear Them

While cleaning the downspouts, also make sure you are removing all the visible debris you find in the downspouts (from top & bottom). After doing this, you have to direct the water hose into your downspout from the opening you find at the top. During this, if you find that the water movement is backwards or towards the upside of the opening then you can confirm that there is a clog in your downspout. This is when you have to try to unclog the downspout by tapping the spots. However, if this doesn't work, then use a leaf blower to blow down from the top opening to unclog the downspout. Once a leaf blower is used, your downspout gets unclogged.

6. Inspect for Damage

While cleaning your gutters, it's crucial to be vigilant for any signs of damage that may compromise their functionality. In addition to rust, cracks, and loose fasteners, watch out for sagging sections, which can indicate water accumulation and potential structural issues. Also, pay attention to clogs caused by debris, as they can lead to overflowing gutters and water damage to your home's foundation and siding. Regular gutter maintenance and timely repairs can extend the lifespan of your gutter system and safeguard your home from costly water-related damage.

7. Fit The Gutter Guards

Fitting gutter guards to your gutter protects them from clogs from happening and this can be the thing you want for your gutter. Gutter guards are exactly what your gutter needs as they will be clipped on the top of their openings and prevent the entry of debris. Gutter guards are also the answer you might be looking for if you want to prevent the entry of birds and their nesting in your gutters. These gutter guards act like a sieve to filter compressed debris and dirt by saving you time in cleaning the gutter thoroughly. Gutters are designed universally and thus using them is easy.

8. Use A Leaf Blower

Despite removing the compressed debris in your gutter, you still have a task that needs to be completed to find your gutter neat and clean. Because the remains of debris will still stay behind in the gutter system and you have to remove this at any cost. To remove the remains of debris, take the help of a leaf blower or a garden hose and make sure the nozzle of this tool is controlled. The control we are speaking about is the water pressure of a leaf blower nozzle or a garden hose nozzle. Because this is one way of helping yourself when you want to play sitting on a bucket or your ladder. This leaf blower works well when there is wet debris in the gutter and blocking the water movements.

9. Trimming Branches Touching The Gutter

Trimming branches that come into contact with your gutters is an essential aspect of gutter cleaning and maintenance. Overhanging branches can lead to several issues like clogging, damage, water flow and pest access. To prevent these problems, regularly trim back branches that are in contact with your gutters. This maintenance task helps keep your gutter system functioning optimally and prolongs its lifespan while reducing the risk of water damage to your home. Property owners that have their property surrounded by many trees need to clean the gutters quarterly.

10. Performing Professional Cleaning

Despite the gutter cleaning twice a year, some residential and commercial properties still face issues with their gutter systems. So, other than cleaning your gutter in your daily routine, getting them cleaned professionally twice a year is a must and it keeps your gutter flow streamlined. This also helps in maintaining the gutter in the future easily and saving more on gutter cleaning costs. Moreover, cleaning your gutter bi-annually solely for moss prevents the moss from growing and also stops it from solidifying. This is because the chances of moss breakdown are higher in bi-annual cleaning.


Regular gutter cleaning is an investment in the overall health and longevity of your home. By following these top 10 gutter cleaning tips, you can maintain a clean and efficient gutter system that protects your home from water damage and maintains its curb appeal. Remember to prioritise safety, gather the necessary tools, and perform regular inspections to ensure your gutters remain in optimal condition. With proper maintenance, your home's exterior will shine bright, and you'll enjoy a peaceful and worry-free living environment.

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Top 10 Gutter Cleaning Tips
Wed, 29, May 108

Top 10 Gutter Cleaning Tips

Gutter Cleaning

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