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Here Is What A Glazier Does

A glazier, otherwise known as a glass fitter manufactures anything related to glass and its products. A glazier also installs glazed doors and windows while determining the size and type of glass your property requires. In addition to this, glaziers also do other works such as,

  • Overlay patterns of glass on a padded table and in jigs

  • Glazing and reglazing the doors and windows

  • On finding defective areas in glass, the glazier examines and marks them

  • Take note of glass suppliers to supply glass or glass products to their customers

  • Use notched tools to break off excess glass and sheets

  • Measure and mark glass to cut

  • If your interiors or exterior need specialised glass, they install them

  • Install acoustic glass in windows for soundproofing to make them better at stopping noise from outside

  • Install mirrors in your display cases, ceilings, windows interior walls, and bathrooms

  • Make weatherproof joints

  • Smoothen the Rough edges of Glass using a smoothing wheel or a belt sander.

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A Wide Range Of Glass Types

Generally, there is a wide range of glass types available in the market that people like to install in their bathrooms, ceilings etc. However, each of these glasses has its own importance. Thus you need to know what these glass types are and some other general information about them, which is as follows:

Sheet glass

A sheet glass or plate glass is produced in a plane form and is commonly used for windshields, transparent walls and glass doors. However, this flat glass sometimes bends after its production from its plane sheet.

Float glass

Float glass is made out of floating molten glass at a low melting point and is frequently used for facades, windows and doors. In fact, under special treatment, float glass gets processed into insulating glass that is safe and laminated.

Energy efficient glass

Among a variety of energy-efficient glasses, the low emissivity class has double and triple glazing with a microscopic thin coating. The coating mentioned here helps in reflecting the heat back into your property and also let's light into your place.

Patterned glass

Commonly known as decorative glass, patterned glass has sandblast and edges to create a specific design on the surface. Patterned glass is mostly used in interior designing and architectural applications because of its privacy and visual interest.

Safety glass

If you want to install glass that has the least risk of injury when It breaks, then choose safety glass as it is significantly hard to break. Moreover, the safety class is designed in such a way that it doesn't fracture into minuscule shards even if it breaks.

Laminated glass

Speaking about laminated glass, has two panes of glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyral bond (PVB) and is flexible and tough. Generally, laminated glass is used for the purposes of UV protection, automobile safety, glazing architecture, etc.

Wired glass

One glass type that has been used for decades for its safety purpose in case of fire emergencies is another than wired glass. It is a type of glass that is reinforced with a wire mesh making it fire-resistant and more durable.

Wide Range Of Glass Types


In mirrors, there are both expensive and cheaper ones which depend upon the quality of the glass and the accuracy of its functioning. Simply put, the thicker your mirrors are the better the quality of reflection you get to see from the mirror your choice to install.

Picture frame glass

As the name suggests, this glass type is panes that are cut into sizes in accordance with the picture framers for smaller & larger sheets. So, if you have plans to protect your artwork from the surrounding humidity and need anti-glare protection, then go for picture frame glass.


Exquisite splashbacks are installed in laundries, bathrooms and kitchens as they are made from custom acrylic. In fact, laminate and acrylic splashbacks are the easiest ones to install as they are typically lightweight and have self-adhesive backings.

Shower and bath screens

The use of shower and bath screens is to keep your bathrooms dry and make the appearance modern and clean. However, the biggest disadvantage of shower and bath screens is these screens start leaking if your bathroom isn't waterproofed.

Glass bricks

Glass bricks have no hollow core like glass blocks and this is one point that differentiates between both types of glass. Moreover, glass bricks are waterproof and usually used in those places where valuables storage is done.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is super strong and it's 5 times stronger than regular glass and safe. This makes it great for fencing where you want a clear view and safety, like around a pool, balcony, decks, or staircase.

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What Is The Cost of Glass And Glazing?

The two factors that play a key role in determining the cost of a glazier are the type of glass and the size to be installed on your property. In addition to this, there are a few cases where access to the work setup and use of equipment also come into the picture. So, taking everything into account, a glazier charges you service cost according to the factors we mentioned along with the labour cost. The lowest price you can expect a professional glazier to charge you is $40 per hour. However, this might increase depending on the glass type your property requires.

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